What Is InVivoStat?

It is generally understood that appropriate statistical methods can help reduce sample sizes in animal experiments. These methods should be statistically powerful and make use of all the information gathered in a study. An informative analysis will allow the scientist to gain a better understanding of their processes and hence help them design more efficient studies in future.

InVivoStat is a powerful, free to use, statistical software package which uses R as its statistics engine. It is designed specifically for scientists conducting animal experiments. The package combines complex and powerful statistical tools (within R) with a user interface that is both easy to use and intuitive to the non-statistician. While no package can comment on the suitability of a statistical analysis, InVivoStat has many dataset checks so errors within the data, that may invalidate the results of the analysis, are identified prior to analysis.

9781107690943The authors of InVivoStat have between them over 20 years of experience supporting both in-vivo and in-vitro researchers in both the pharmaceutical industry and academia. They have been involved in developing in-house software solutions and training scientists in using the software. They are also the authors of ‘The Design and Statistical Analysis of Animal Experiments’ the first textbook to feature InVivoStat, see Bate and Clark (2014).

See www.cambridge.org/9781107030787 for more details. This book is a companion text to InVivoStat and taken together they will help you make the most of your experiments.

InVivoStat can be downloaded from this website, see the instructions on the download page. For more information contact: InVivoStat@hotmail.co.uk