User Guides

The following user guides provide information on how to use InVivoStat to analyse experimental data. The dataset used in these user guides is also available, if you wish to work through the examples yourself.

Note that the user guides do not provide information on the statistical methodology itself. There are several texts listed in the links that contain such information, forĀ  example Bate and Clark (2014).

Example Dataset

Getting Started

Main Modules

Summary Statistics

Single Measures Parametric Analysis

Repeated Measures Parametric Analysis

P-Value Adjustment

Non Parametric Analysis


Power Analysis

Additional Analyses

Dose Response Analysis

Paired t-test

Unpaired t-test

Chi squared test and Fisher’s Exact test

Correlation Analysis

Survival Analysis

Regression Analysis

Unvalidated Analyses

Nested Design Analysis

Multivariate Analysis


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Updated: 7th January 2015